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Supported Independent Living Vacancies

Here at abbaCare, we offer a wide variety of accommodation designs in both town and country settings.

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Our Homes

The accommodations we have to offer are customised for each participant to create a real sense of belonging. This is their home, after all. The Accomadations are always immaculately maintained, featuring modern facilities and often stunning surroundings to help provide peace and relaxation.

Our Support Staff

The heart of abbaCare is our qualified and caring support staff.

We offer ongoing, industry-leading training and real-time consultation and assistance to all support staff to ensure that their skills are constantly developing and that they offer an ever-improving level of care. This particular level of care expands throughout the entire organisation. It’s this particular sense of community that really encourages accountability and contribution for all, through participants and families to support staff and management.


Our Core Values






Our Vision and Values

  • We care for, respect and protect our participants
  • We speak up for our participants and our sector and show courage on their behalf
  • We listen and respond to our participants
  • We are positive and strive for the best outcomes for our participants
  • We continue to learn and evolve and strive to continuously improve our services
  • We are accountable and take ownership of what we do and how we do it
  • We build trust by demonstrating our values

abbaCare is an organisation that has family values as a service delivery model. At abbaCare we work in partnership with participants, carers and families at large. Our mission is to promote Independence, Hope & Laughter.


ABN: 40 621 333 999

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